Seng Yin

Seng Yin

Vahagn Khorotyan

An entrepreneur and full-stack web / mobile software developer. Kevin is a geek at heart and love to learn about new technologies and ways to change the world!

Professionally Kevin has been a developer for 6 years, and since 2015 set up Flexitech, an own software agency, with 3 friends. We pride ourselves on solving tough technical problems and delivering fast.

In 2017, the company has joined forces and merged with Slash Digital, based in Singapore. The vision is to create a digital product foundry for enterprise clients and high-profile startups/SMEs, and to build own venture ideas. In the process he is excited about helping a new generation of Cambodians build technology skills and solve big problems through entrepreneurship.

Originally from Cambodia and based in Phnom Penh. Kevin graduated master degree from China. He picked up my street hustling skills from my Chinese family and friends.